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2019 Victorian Wine Show

Welcome to the 2019 Victorian Wine Show. Here is some key information:

Entries Open: 1st August 2019

Entries Close: 20th September 2019

Labels Issued: By 25th September 2019
Closing date for arrival of exhibits: 18th October 2019
Judging: 30 October-1 November
Exhibitor tasting and Presentation of Awards: 14th November 2019

Terms & Conditions

1. All classes are open for competition to winemakers and vignerons.

2. "Grapes" shall mean 85% variety or vintage of grapes grown within Victoria in compliance with Australian Geographical Indication regulations.

3. A " winegrower" shall mean any person or firm producing wine from grapes with 85% of variety or vintage grown in Victoria.

4. Each wine entry shall consist of 4 x 750 ml bottles or equivalent as specified in the Schedule of Conditions.
               4.1 All entries must be commercially bottled at the  time of entry
               4.2 Unbottled wines are not permitted

5. The same wine may not be entered more than once. No exhibit may be entered in more than one class.

6. Exhibits will be judged on points and the points will be set out in a list of awards.

7. Gold, silver and bronze certificates will be issued to award winners

8. Entries should be made through our website:
Alternatively, an entry form can be submitted by post. Such entries will be subject to an additional administration fee.
               8.1 Entries will only be accepted via on-line entry                    system or by post
               8.2 No faxed entries will be accepted

9. Exhibitors must state, on the entry form, the class to be competed for, the style or type and vintage or approximate age of the wine, the region(s) and the level of sweetness where requested. In addition, please indicate eligibility for the Best Small producer  trophy (see conditions for eligibility in item 26 below).

10. No person will be allowed to inspect an entry form after lodgement with the Victorian Wines Show until the judges' awards have been made public.

11. In all classes the stock as required to be held according to the class requirements may be inspected and checked by a representative of the Victorian Wines Show Committee or its nominee before the Presentation of Awards ceremony and for up to one month after this time. Samples of award-winning wines must be held for at least one month after announcement of awards. The representative may procure one bottle of such inspected entry for comparison with the original entry.

12. Exhibits are to bear the labels supplied by the Victorian Wines Show for the purpose and must show:
               12.1 The number of the class and the name of the                     grape variety or varieties.
               12.2 Distinguishing mark to enable exhibits to be                       positively identified.
               12.3 The year of vintage or, if blended, the                                   approximate age of the blend
               12.4 Density in classes where the sweetness level                      is specified
               12.5 The commercial name of the wine if the entry                   includes words other than the name of the              maker and the variety.
A.  All bottles, either unlabelled or commercially labelled, must bear labels supplied by the Victorian Wine Show.
B. Commercially labelled bottles are permissible
C.  Branded bottles and corks are permissible
D. Exhibitors are requested to remove capsules from cork-sealed bottles for entry.

13. After the close of entries, no person will be permitted access to the exhibits except the stewards, secretary and staff, until the awards have been made.

14. Each exhibit must represent stock as set out on the entry form and be the bona fide property of that exhibitor.

15. Exhibits of blended wines must represent the prescribed quantity already blended.

16. All exhibits become the property of the Victorian Wine Show.

17. The Victorian Wine Show committee may request up to  two (2) dozen of any exhibits for awards presentation function or other promotional activity by donation . We will make contact to arrange delivery.

18. All exhibits must be 85% Victorian grapes and, where required, conform to the respective Acts of the State of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia which govern the production of Australian wine, these to include the Health Act regulations, and any others. The Victorian Wine Show reserves the right to have any exhibit inspected and/or analysed.

19. No protest will be entertained unless made in writing within seven days of the announcement of the awards, and is to be accompanied by a deposit of $100.00.

20. An exhibitor breaking any rule or regulation may be disqualified from this show or any future shows conducted by the Victorian Wine Show. The length of this disqualification is at the discretion of the Executive.

21. No entry will be received from any disqualified exhibitor during the period of such disqualification. Should any such entry be accepted it shall, when discovered, be deemed void and the entry fee and exhibit and any awards or trophies will be forfeited.

22. Judges shall not at any time prior to the announcement of the awards have any access or knowledge as to the identity of the exhibits.

23. No exhibitor shall advertise or allow to be advertised by any means whatsoever, whether by broadcasting, pictorially, or in writing, the fact that any exhibit has won any prize in this Show unless such advertisement shows clearly:

Victorian Wines Show

Year of award.

Description of class and/or vintage year when  applicable.

Type of wine.

24. In connection with aggregate prizes, points for Major Awards will be allocated as follows:

GOLD AWARD                   5 points
SILVER AWARD                 3 points
BRONZE AWARD              1 point

25. Exhibitors have no restriction on number of entries per class as long as the same wine is not entered more than once.

26. A refund of Entry Fees shall not be made unless a notification of withdrawal is received by the VWS before the Closing Day of Entry.

27. Small Producer Trophy
Exhibitors are to mark at the time of entry if exhibits qualify for consideration.
A small producer is defined as one who grows grapes on a vineyard not exceeding 10 hectares and owns or leases a winery that produces the wines submitted as entries to the show .







1. Judges will judge each class without collaboration and on receipt of all result sheets applicable to any one class, the Chair of the Judges panel shall have the points totalled, checked and determine the awards.

2. Judges will not have access to exhibits apart from the glass of each placed in front of them by the stewards.

3. Exhibits will be judged using the 100-point scale.

4. Awards will be made as follows:

Gold Award        95 points and over
               Silver Award       90-94 points
               Bronze Award    85-89 points

5. Most successful exhibitor will be judged on the aggregate total of an exhibitor's five highest pointed wines.  Only one wine from any class will be counted towards the aggregate total in the first instance. In the case of a tie, the result will be determined by the next highest award(s) in any class.

6. To determine trophy awards where more than one class is involved only the highest pointed award from each class will be eligible. In the case of the Most Successful Exhibitor award, only one wine from any class will be eligible, except as outlined in item 5 in the case of a tie of points.

7. The Chief Judge shall have the power to disqualify, dismiss or relocate as being not eligible for judging, any exhibit which, in his opinion, does not comply with the regulations in every respect, and such action shall be accepted as final.

8. Awards may be withheld in any class where exhibits are considered unworthy. 

2019 Victorian Wine Show


Victorian Wine Show 2019

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