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2019 Open Show

The Riverina is the country’s largest wine producer, accounting in NSW for 60% of the state’s production. Uniquely and proudly, five family-owned businesses are essentially responsible for driving the region’s engine-room, supplying one in every four glasses of Australian wine.

As a result, over time, these producers have been compelled to draw from well beyond the Riverina to meet demands for the considerable volumes of consistent quality wine they produce, to compete at key price points in both domestic and overseas markets.

Likewise, the Riverina Wine Show has expanded concurrently to reflect this reality, acknowledging the wider resources required by inviting large companies beyond the region to participate in the Riverina’s national competition, which has formed basis of the Riverina Wine Show, now in its 45th year.

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2019 Open Show


100 years of winemaking - six generations of family business - thousands of accolades...and counting

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