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2019 North East Victorian Wine Challenge

Eligible to wines produced from the grown in the North East Victorian Wine Zone, including the GIs:

- Alpine Valleys

- Beechworth

- Glenrowan

- King Valley

- Rutherglen

Wines accumulate points for the region in which it was grown, and a shield is awarded to the winning region

Terms & Conditions



The Wine Challenge Regulations will apply to all sections and all classes. All classes are open to wine produced from fruit grown within the North East Victorian zone as defined by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) and includes the regions of ALPINE VALLEYS,  BEECHWORTH,  GLENROWAN,  KING  VALLEY  and  RUTHERGLEN.    By

reading the following conditions of entry, any subsequent application of entry by the producer in the Wine Challenge agrees to these conditions and are binding thereafter.




       All exhibits must be a minimum of 85% of grapes grown in the North East Victoria wine zone.

       Wines must be finished, bottled and commercially available at the time of judging. Tank and barrel samples will not be accepted except for sparkling wines, where volume may be held in tirage, and fortified wines, where volume may be blended in barrel.

       The minimum volume of wine produced to qualify for entry is 25 dozen 9LE, however this quantity does not need to be held in stock at the time of judging.

       All classes are open to any vintage of wine, as long as the wine complies with all other regulations below. Non-vintage wines may be entered in classes 1-3 and 20, 21, 23 & 24.

       The same wine may not be entered twice.

       Entries must be made on the NEVWC entry form, please ensure all fields are filled in. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of wine. Please keep a copy for your record. The entry form serves as a tax invoice, make a copy if you require one.

       Wines entered into varietal classes must comprise a minimum 85% of the stated variety

       Wines entered into blend classes must contain no more than 84.9% of any one variety. Wines comprised 85% or above of any one variety must be entered in the relevant varietal class

       Single vineyard wines must comprise 95% of grapes from the same vineyard

       The North East Victorian Wine Challenge reserves the right to combine or divide classes or reallocate a wine to another class where appropriate, according to the class regulations as set out in this schedule

       The Chief Judge’s decision is final

       Wines will be judged out of 100 points and awards will be made as follows

Gold Award 95 points and over

Silver Award 90 points to 94

Bronze Award 85 points to 89

       In connection with the Wine Region Challenge, points will be allocated to each of the 5 regions as follows:

GOLD AWARD 5 points



       Wines that are a blend of regions of the North East zone are eligible for entry, however only wines that derive 85% or more from one region will contribute points to that region in the Wine Region Challenge

       The winning region of the Wine Challenge will be the region with the highest total points awarded to entries from that region.

       Only Gold medal wines are eligible to contend Trophies

       The judging panel shall have the power to disqualify, dismiss or relocate as being not eligible for judging, any exhibit which, in their opinion, does not comply with the regulations in every respect, and such action shall be accepted as final.

       Awards may be withheld in any class where exhibits are considered unworthy. 

2019 North East Victorian Wine Challenge


Open to wines produced from fruit grown in the North East Victorian Wine Zone

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