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2019 Langhorne Creek Wine Show

The inaugural Langhorne Creek Wine Show was held in 2014 after a 10 year apprenticeship with the Langhorne Creek Wine Showcase. Entries are due in March each year.  Wine Show judging is held in late April to early-May each year.The Langhorne Creek Wine Show is open to any commercial producer of Langhorne Creek wine.


Chair -Charlie Seppelt - Senior Winemaker, The Randall Wine Group

Fongyee Walker MW – Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting

Kerri Thompson – Owner/Winemaker, Wines by KT



Shanteh Wong – Head Sommelier, Quay Restaurant

Leon Talamini – Winemaker, Project Wine

Robert Cragg – Assistant Winemaker, Fleurieu Vintners



Nicole Clark                        Greg Follett

Paul Hotker                         Verity Cowley

Rebecca Willson                 Sam Watkins



If you have any queries, please contact Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine on (08) 8537 3362. 

Terms & Conditions


1.    Each entry shall comprise 4 x 750ml bottles (or equivalent) except for museum and fortified wines where 2 x bottles (greater than 375ml) is sufficient.

2.    Current and pre-release wines may be entered as long as the exhibitor holds a minimum stock level of 450L at the time of judging.

3.    The wine must be from a commercial bottling run. That is, no tank or barrel samples and no amateur wines to be entered.

4.    All wines entered shall become the property of Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine.

5.    All wines entered must conform to the respective Acts of the States and Commonwealth of Australia, which govern the production of Australian Wine and Brandy.

6.    Wines must be entered under their principal brand name and must only be entered once in the show.

7.    The Committee may move wine to another class if deemed more suitable.

8.    Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine reserves the right to verify the origin and quantity held of any wine entered.

9.    Exhibitor information including scores for medal winning wines will be published online and in printed format.

10.  The Langhorne Creek Wine Show will follow the recommendations set out by the ASVO in regards to wine show standards, judge impartiality, trophy judging and audit protocols. (For list of recommendations go to https://www.asvo.com.au/2015-asvo-best-practice-recommendations/)

11.  No wine show labels will be issued, but the exhibitor must, where possible, have wine labelled with the commercial label or professional looking laboratory label (pre-release wines).

12.  The Wine Show committee will print and apply judging labels to bottles upon receipt of the entered wines.

13.  Judging will be by panel of three or more judges who will judge all wines independently.

14.  The Chair of Judges will tally the score and after consultation, arrive at a final assessment of the wines.

15.  Judges will be screened at all times from exhibits. 

16.  Exhibits will be judged out of a total of 20 points and awards made on the following basis;

Gold                 18.5 - 20 pts

Silver                17.0 - 18.4 pts

Bronze             15.5 - 16.9 pts

17.  Displaying of awards must comply with the code of practice set out by the Winemakers Federation of Australia. (For more information go to www.wfa.org.au)

18.  Trophies will be awarded to gold medal winning entries only.

19.  Wines entered in Section 4 / Multi-Regional blends must contain a minimum of 30% Langhorne Creek grapes, however do not necessarily need to be labelled Langhorne Creek.

20.  Wines entered in Section 4 / Multi-Regional blends must list the percentage of Langhorne Creek content in the entry details. Percentage contents from other regions may also be included.

21.  Wines not labelled as Langhorne Creek despite containing 85% or greater Langhorne Creek fruit should be entered in multi-regional classes.

22.  All wines must conform with Wine Australia guidelines for labelling. To be eligible for blended classes the wine must be commercially labelled as a blended wine. Wines labelled as a single variety must be entered in single varietal classes.

23.  For museum and fortified wines there is no minimum volume requirement.

24.  The wine show committee at its discretion will choose wines to be served at the luncheon; this will include but not be restricted to all award winning wines, excluding museum wines.

25.  Those producers whose wine is selected must agree to supply to LCGW up to four dozen of the selected wine for the Luncheon at a price not greater than $100 per dozen, including WET and excluding GST.

26.  Producers will be notified of their selection as soon as possible and all wines must be delivered to Lake Breeze Wines, 319 Step Road, Langhorne Creek by Thursday, May 2.

2019 Langhorne Creek Wine Show


2019 Langhorne Creek Wine Show

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