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2018 Mudgee Wine Show


Terms & Conditions

2018 Mudgee Wine Show

Class Structure

Current Vintage
Class 1               Semillon
Class 2               Chardonnay
Class 3               Aromatic Varieties/Blends (Riesling/Traminer)
Class 4               Dry White Varieties/Blends (Other)
One Year Old Classes
Class 5               Semillon
Class 6               Chardonnay
Class 7               Aromatic Varieties/Blends (Riesling/Traminer)
Class 8               Dry White Varieties/Blends (Other)
Class 9               Shiraz
Class 10              Cabernet Sauvignon
Class 11              Merlot
Class 12              Dry Red Varieties/Blends not eligible for Classes 9,10or 11.

Open Vintage Classes
Class 13              Semillon
Class 14              Chardonnay
Class 15              Varieties/Blends not eligile for Classes 13 or 14
Class 16              Medium Sweet >7.5 and <30 gm/l RS
Class 17              Sweet >30 gm/l RS
Class 18              Rosé
Class 19              Shiraz
Class 20              Cabernet Sauvignon
Class 21              Merlot
Class 22              Dry Red Varieties/Blends not eligible for Classes 18,19 or 2 (2yo/3yo Wines)
Class 23              Dry Red Varieties/Blends not eligible for Classes 18,19 or 2 (4yo Wines and older)
Class 24              Mudgee Classic Blends (>85% Shiraz and Cabernet combined any vintage)

Fortified Classes
Class 25              Vintaged Wine any style.
Class 26              Non-vintage/Aged/Blended Wine any style.

Museum Classes
Class 27              White Table Wine over 7 y.o.
Class 28              Red Table Wine over 7 y.o.

Sparkling Class
Class 29              Open Vintage Sparkling (White/Rose/Red)

2018 Mudgee Wine Show:

 Rules & Regulations



i.          Entry forms must be accompanied by entry fees and are to be received by the Mudgee Wine Show Chief Steward no later than the 4th August 2018.



ii.         No entry forms will be accepted after this time.


iii.        Entries and payment may be made by using the online entry form from the website (www.mudgeewine.com.au) and clicking on the Mudgee Wine Show drop down menu.



PO Box 748

Mudgee NSW 2850


Fax: 02 6372 6843



Contact for Membership, sponsorship, payments and dinner tickets

Jacob Stein
E-mail: Jacob@robertstein.com.au

Contact for Wine Show entry help
Tim White
Phone: 0404155168
E-mail: timlikeswine@gmail.com



iv.        An entry fee of $45 per exhibit is charged for financial members of the MudgeeWine Grape Growers Association and $75 per exhibit is charged for non-members. The fees are not refundable. 


v.         Electronic entries will request payment by Stripe Payments or direct deposit after completion of the entry.  Please use the unique number from the entry confirmation when completing the direct deposit.



vi.        Exhibits can be delivered to the Australian Rural Education Centre (AREC)


AREC Pavilion,

Cassilis Road,



9:00am and 4:00pm Thursday 30th August  and Friday 31st August

And also between 9:00am and 12:00pm on Saturday 1st September


vii.       Cartons must be clearly marked with the exhibitors name and the classes contained within.


viii.      Each entry is to consist of four (4) 750ml bottles or six (6) 375ml bottles except for museum classes where two (2) 750ml bottles or equivalent are requested.


ix.        Entries are only open to commercially bottled wines and if commercial labels are available they must be affixed to the exhibits. Please do not cover mandatory information of the label with the wine show label.


x.         A wine may be entered only once in the show.


xi.        Wine Show labels must be affixed to the exhibits.


xii.       Each bottle sealed by a cork must have the capsule removed prior to delivery of the exhibit.




I.          All wines entered are to comply with the following:-


i.               be made from grapes grown in the Mudgee GIC; or

ii.              be made from grapes grown in the Central Ranges region; but must include minimum 15% Mudgee GI grape product: Other central ranges regions include:

a.         Orange GIC

b.         Bathurst GIC

c.         Cowra GIC

d.         Young GIC


2.         Where Central Ranges grape product is blended into the exhibit Mudgee GIC grape product must be equal or greater than 15%.  Exhibits meeting this requirement will be designated as “Central Ranges” will be entered within the general class structure of the wine show but will not be eligible for trophies.


ii.         Be made in Mudgee




iii.        If made outside the Mudgee GIC, the entry form must be accompanied by a signed LIP declaration to the effect that the fruit was sourced from the Mudgee GIC.


II.        A minimum volume of 200 litres or 22 cases is to be held by the exhibitor at the time of entry. Sales from the time of entry until judging should be recorded in case an audit is conducted. (There is no minimum volume requirement for Museum Classes)


III.       Grape concentrate or fortifying spirit, whether of Mudgee origin or not, may be added to the wine.


IV.       Must comply with label integrity regulations


Organic Entries


I.          All wines must be either fully certified organic/biodynamic or in conversion organic/biodynamic by a recognised Australian organic certifying body.


II.        Certification must be in relation to the whole product including; the grapes, the wine making process and the bottling.


III.       Exhibits must carry their normal commercial label with their certification number noted. The exception to this is where a wine has been bottled as cleanskin but not labelled at time of entry to the show. The cleanskin wine may be entered with the label approval letter from the certifier included with the entry form to be eligible for judging.


IV.       An “O” will be placed in the appropriate column of the entry form to denote an organic entry.


The Judging Procedure


I.          The judges will not have direct access to the wines except in the tasting glasses presented to them by the stewards. The judges have no right of enquiry into the identity of any wine.


II.        The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


III.       The stewards will arrange samples within a class so that wines from a nominated similar sugar level are grouped together and so that similar nominated blends, styles or varieties within a class are also grouped. The stewards will inform the judges of this grouping or any other necessary information. 


IV.       If no more than one entry is received for a class, the stewards may place that entry in a different class, if appropriate, or else delete that entry. 


V.        If a wine is entered in the wrong class, the stewards may, at their discretion, move it to a more appropriate class or disqualify the entry.


VI.       No results will be available to any exhibitor or steward until the exhibitors tasting. No exhibitor may enter the venue chosen for judging without the express approval of the Chief Steward, any exhibitor not complying with this condition will have his/her exhibits removed from the show.



Medals and Trophies


I.          Certificates will be awarded to all medal winners


II.        Exhibits will only be considered for a trophy if they secure Gold Medal points.


i.          Exhibits which are designated as “Central Ranges” will not be eligible for Trophies of the Mudgee Wine Show.


III.       Trophies will be awarded as per the Trophy Class Sheet.


IV.       The winner of the Champion Wine of Show Trophy will be selected by the Chief Judge, in consultation with the judging panel. This wine may not necessarily be the highest point scoring wine, but all Gold Medal wines, except wines designated as Central Ranges exhibits, will be eligible.


V.        To qualify for Most Successful Exhibitor Award, exhibitors must enter a minimum of (3) classes, but not including Museum classes 27 and 28. 


i.          The highest cumulative points for the top three wines from an exhibitor will determine the winner of the Most Successful Exhibitor Award. 


ii.         In the event of a tied result between two or more exhibitors, then the winner will be based on priority of all medals won.


VI.       Wines will be judged and points allocated by each judge, to a maximum of 20 points.  Medals will be allocated from the combined total points of the three judges as follows:


Bronze  – 46.5to 50.5

Silver   – 51.0 to 55.0

Gold    – 55.5 to 60.0



VII.      Gold medal winning wines and additional Trophy winning wines may be requested and purchased by the Mudgee Wine Show Committee at a price of $120 per 750ml dozen.  Exhibitors may be called upon to provide additional wines for Go Tasting, and for promotions and presentations for Guests of the MWGGA.



i.          Each and every public advertisement of awards must state:

a.         Mudgee Wine Show

b.         Year of Award

c.         Class number and class description


ii.         Every exhibitor is expected to honour the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia Code of Practice for the Display of Awards.  Although the Code of Practice is voluntary, compliance with this Code of Practice is a prerequisite for entry into the Mudgee Wine Show.  Failure to comply with the Code of Practice may result in the exhibitor being disqualified from future Mudgee Wine Shows.


iii.        The Association reserves the right to refuse entry to any person and to disqualify any exhibitor who, in the opinion of the Association, has not complied with the rules as stated above.  In addition, the Association reserves the right to take back any medals, trophies or other awards won by an exhibitor if, in the opinion of the Association, the exhibitor has not complied with the rules as stated above. 


iv.        The Association reserves the right to check that minimum stock requirements and other regulations have been complied with including the right to examine sales records.  The entry must be representative of the total volume of the wine. 


v.         The Wine Show Committee shall have the right to subject any exhibitor to a spot audit to check the bona fide nature of any entry.  At least two exhibitors will be randomly selected to undergo an audit each year. The Wine Show Committee reserves the right to call in an independent auditor, i.e. Wine Australia, to conduct Label Integrity Program (LIP) audit as required.  Any exhibitor who fails to co-operate with an audit or who fails an audit check may be disqualified from entering the wine show for 24 months.


vi.        No entry fee will be refunded unless the Wine Show Committee is at fault and will be refunded only at their discretion.


vii.       It is expected that all exhibitors who enter the show may be called upon to participate and help during the operations of the show mainly to the effect of offering help during the stewarding times. It is to the discretion of the committee as to result of not conforming to help during the show.

2018 Mudgee Wine Show


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