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2017 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show

Welcome to the 26th NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. I hereby apply to enter the following Exhibits subject to the terms and conditions set out in the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show Schedule. I agree to be bound by these Regulations.

2. I hereby certify that the information contained in this Application for Entry is true and correct.

 3. This Application for Entry and the Regulations shall constitute the whole agreement upon which Entries are submitted.

4. Refund of Entry Fees for withdrawn exhibits will not be made.

 5. All entries are submitted by the Exhibitor and accepted by the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show Inc. on the basis that the Exhibitors are bound by the decisions of the Judges and/or the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show Inc. in respect to all matters relating to the showing of the Exhibitor's wine.


1. All classes are open to all vignerons provided they produce wine from no more than 500 tonnes of grapes per annum and who adhere to The Winemakers Federation of Australia Code of Practice in all respects.

 2. Prospective entrants should consider the spirit of this wine show encapsulated in its name and refrain from entering if they have a significant attachment to a larger wine producer.

 3. Entries are limited to wines made from grapes, 85% of which have been grown anywhere within NSW and the ACT. Varietal wine exhibit entries must be made from not less than 85% of the specified grape variety

 4. All exhibits shall conform to the respective Acts of the States & The Commonwealth of Australia which govern the production of Australian Wines and Brandy, including but not limited to: The Customs & Excise Act, Health Act, Spirit Act and the regulations relevant to such Acts.

5. An Entry Fee of $35.00 per entry or proof of payment of entry fee plus completed Entry Form, or a fair copy of the same, appropriately completed, must accompany each entry.

6. Entries not accompanied by the prescribed fee and an appropriately completed Entry Form or exhibits not bearing an official identification label will be excluded from the judging.

7. A wine shall be entered into the show once only, irrespective of the number of trade labels under which it is released.

 8. All wines entered in classes 1 to 28 shall be bottled in their final form and be planned for commercial release

 9. ENTRIES CLOSE Friday 28th July 2017.

 10. Minimum quantities held in stock at time of entry must be equivalent to 300L or more

11. Each entry shall consist of four 750ml bottles (eight 375ml or six 500ml bottles) for table and sparkling wines and three 750ml bottles or equivalent volume, for Fortified Wines.  

12. Exhibits shall be delivered to: The Secretary, NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show with the supplied Box and bottle labels attached to both the entries and the carton, to arrive no later than 5.00 pm on Friday 18th August 2017 

13. Exhibits on which freight has not been paid shall be excluded from the Judging and All Exhibits shall become the property of the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show.   

14. Identification labels for bottles & boxes will be mailed to Exhibitors on receipt of Entry Forms and Entry Fees. The supplied labels shall be affixed to all bottles prior to delivery and the capsule tops removed from all bottles, Stelvin type seals excepted.    

15. The NSW Small Winemakers Committee reserves the right to check that all entries satisfy the condition of entry herein and entrants shall agree to cooperate in any such verification.   

16. The NSW Small Winemakers Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, to question exhibitors on details of entries and to change entries to any Class they or the Judges consider appropriate. 

17. A Trophy shall not be awarded to a wine unless it has gained a Gold Award. Where a Trophy is not awarded, the notation "Best in Class" shall be endorsed on the Award Certificate gained by that wine. 

18. A Best of Class certificate shall not be awarded to any wine not receiving a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award or in any class in which less than two wines are presented to be judged. 

19. Exhibits shall be judged out of a total of 60 points and Awards made as follows:-

Gold 55.5 to 60 points

Silver 51.0 to 55.0 points

Bronze 46.5 to 50.5 points\\

20. Entries competing for the "Boutique Trophies" shall have been made in a winery crushing not more than 200 tonnes in the vintage year of the entry and be owned by the entrant, who must also own the wine. The grapes having been grown in a named vineyard.   

21. Entries eligible to compete for the "Boutique Winemakers' Trophies" shall be marked on the entry form in the boutique wine column and the name of the winery must be supplied on the entry form.   

22. All exhibits shall be screened from the Judges and wine shall not be poured in their presence. 

23. No protest shall be considered unless it is submitted in writing to reach the Secretary no later than Friday 8th September 2017 

24. Exhibitors agree to adhere to the Winemakers Federation of Australia Code of Practice for the Display of Awards, and any exhibitor breaking this or any regulation may be disqualified from this and any future show or shows. 

25. No entry will be accepted from any exhibitor disqualified by this or any other wine show. Any entry received from such an exhibitor, shall be deemed void, and the entry fee and exhibit shall be forfeited. 

26. Exhibitors may be asked to supply up to one dozen of their medal winning wines to be served at the Presentation Dinner for a delivered cost of $12.00 per bottle and agree to do so.    

27. Judges and associate judges are permitted to enter their wines to the show. Except for the Chief of judges and the nominated panel chairs. These entries will be accepted free from show labels and will be labelled by the chief steward or their delegate prior to the commencement of the show.


Any queries regarding these regulations should be directed to the Chief Steward either on 0499 180 101 or smallwine@nswwineshow.com.au

2017 NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show


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