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2017 Australian Fortified Wine Show


 Judging (Henderson Pavilion) Rutherglen Showgrounds.  THURSDAY 21st SEPTEMBER to TUESDAY 26th SEPTEMBER

Friday 1st September 2017

Friday 8th September 2017

Rutherglen Agricultural Society Secretary Treasurer
 Geoff O’Dwyer
Phone: 02 6032 8044
Email: wineagshow@westnet.com.au

Terms & Conditions


  1. Entry fees, $65.00 per entry (incl GST).
  2. All entries must be on forms supplied by the Rutherglen Agricultural Society unless otherwise permitted by the  Secretary. No rebate of fees for withdrawn exhibits will be made.
  3. All classes are open for competition to Winemakers and Wine Merchants. A wineMerchant shall mean a Person, Association or Company buying Wine for resale by Wholesale.
  4. Each entry to consist of four (4) x 750ml bottles or equivalents.
  5. A wine may be entered only ONCE in the show
  6. Exhibitors may enter as many entries as they choose in all classes.
  7. Certificates for “best of class” will be awarded on the Judges’ selection in the Australian & Classic classes of the Tawny, Topaque (Muscadelle) and Muscat  in the Australian Fortified Wine Show. Classes 421,422, 433,434,443 & 444.
  8. Exhibits entered in classes 415, 416, 421, 422, 433, 434, 443 & 444 must be from a commercial bottling run. 
  9. Exhibits must be the produce of Australian grapes and conform to the respective State or Commonwealth regulations.
  10. Entries of blended wines must represent the prescribed quantities already blended.
  11. Exhibitors may be awarded more than one (1) award in any one class.
  12. Exhibits will be judged on points.
  13. After close of entries no person will be permitted access to exhibits except Judges, Stewards and persons authorised by the Rutherglen Agricultural Society.
  14. In all classes the wine in stock as stated on the Certificate of Entry, may be inspected and checked by the Rutherglen Agricultural Society or its nominees. Inspections will be made. Each Exhibitor shall supply the Rutherglen Agricultural Society with a sealed envelope containing details of sale(s) reducing stock below the stipulated minimum quantities after the entry date.
  15. The Rutherglen Agricultural Society shall have complete control of the Show and no Exhibitor shall have relief from any court arising from a decision made by the organisers, the judges associated with the show, or the staff of the Society.
  16.             For a wine to qualify for any Rutherglen region award it must be made from fruit grown and be produced in, the region as defined by Australian Geographical Indication as Rutherglen Victoria.


      A)    Exhibitors please note: Trophy and Gold Medal award winners will be requested, in some sections, to supply extra exhibits for the Exhibitors and Public tastings at NO cost to the Rutherglen Agricultural Society.

B)    The Rutherglen Agricultural Society reserves the right to purchase Award-Winning Wines from exhibitors for promotional purposes. The Rutherglen Agricultural Society will pay wholesale price, up to a maximum of $250-00 per dozen including GST and WET tax for such wines. This will be restricted to a maximum of three (3) dozen per exhibit.

C)    Exhibits to bear labels supplied by the Rutherglen Agricultural Society.

NoteIf Exhibits are entered with Commercial Labels attached these labels MUST be adequately covered.

D)    All exhibits become the property of the Rutherglen Agricultural Society.

E)    Exhibits must be delivered in containers Properly Marked to show the Exhibitor’s name. If more than 1 entry in a class, please mark entry, Exhibit No 1, 2 etc.



  • A younger style showing fresh fruit characters, integration of spirit and some wood maturation, though not essential.
  • Would expect up to five (5) years of age.


  • A maturing style, showing more complexity from wood maturation, yet still with some fruit character evident.
  • A minimum of five (5) years maturation in wooden vessels less than 6000 litres in size for tawny style.
  • Would expect an age of five (5) to ten (10) years for Muscat/Topaque.
  • For Topaque and Muscat a minimum of 9 Be required.


  • A mature style showing great complexity from wood maturation with a hint of fruit evident.
  • Flavoursome, rich and great length.
  • A minimum of ten (10) years maturation in wooden vessels less than 6000 litres in size for tawny style.
  • Would expect an age of ten (10) to fifteen (15) years for Muscat/Topaque.
  • For Topaque and Muscat a minimum of 9 Be required.


  • The epitome of maturation in the style, showing rancio from wood maturation, richness of flavour and extraordinary flavour length.
  • A minimum of fifteen (15) years maturation in wooden vessels less than 6000 litres in size for tawny style.
  • Would expect in excess of fifteen (15) years in age for Muscat Topaque.
  • For Topaque and Muscat a minimum of 9 Be required.

The Rutherglen Wine Show has commenced moving down the path of accommodating the EU Agreement on naming wine styles. The Winemakers of

Rutherglen have been developing a classification system that will accommodate the changes plus invigorate the category by developing consistent branding for the wine styles, thereby building consumer confidence.

The Rutherglen Wine Show is pleased to be able to work with industry in developing solutions to the issues raised through the EU Agreement. We look forward to all the entries received.


The Rutherglen Agricultural Society Inc. is a member of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology and as the organisers of the Rutherglen Wine Show we support the principles and guidelines of the ASVO for the organising and conducting of wine shows.  A portion of every entry fee for the Rutherglen Wine show goes towards the cost of completing an Audit of wines entered in the show to ensure that all wine exhibits conform to the regulations and exhibit requirements of the show.

The Audit process shall be as follows:

·         Prior to Judging and before presentation of awards a random selection of wines entered in the show shall be tested against the commercially available wine the exhibit represents, to ensure the wine to be judged is as represented and meets the quantity requirement.

·         Following the presentation of awards a percentage of medal winning wines shall be audited to ensure that they meet the commercial bottling and quantity requirement at the time of judging as specified in the conditions of entry.

In 2016 an audit in accordance with this process was carried out and it was found that all wines audited met the requirements for Exhibition and Judging.  This same process will continue in 2017 so as to ensure all exhibitors are competing in a correctly regulated and monitored environment.

2017 Australian Fortified Wine Show


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